Open Water: Taking Your Time

We all live busy lives and it can be difficult to manage to fit in all the things we need or want to do. If you’d like to learn to dive but you’re busy for some this means cramming it into as short a time as possible. We have an alternative option for those who’d like to take their time to learn. We have some flexibility to work around childcare or to train in the evenings.

There are three parts: theory, confined, open water dives.

Theory: this can be done online as and when you can complete it. Whilst some of it needs to be completed before you start the open water dives, the exam can be completed after the open water dives, although before you can be certified.

Confined: take your time over a series of Saturday evenings. We recommend a minimum of three sessions although it may take more. We can complete these dives in the confined area of Wraysbury during the week day, with a flexible start and a flexible finish. For example we could plan on 10am to 2pm to fit around school care (please note there is an additional cost of £10 for your dive site entry).

Open Water Dives: In the summer evenings we can dive on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in Godstone. We can dive at Wraysbury midweek too. You have to complete a minimum of four dives for the course although we sometimes complete an extra dive to ensure you’re mastering the skills needed to be a safe and secure and diver. This can be done over a period of 4 evenings, two days, or a mixture. NB: the Open Water course fees do not include dive site entry.

If you’d like to “Get your PADI” in your own time then email us with what works for you; we will try to work into your schedule.


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