Our club loves Plymouth! We regularly head down the M3 to enjoy the delights in the sea there – and there are many delights to be found. We had 3 days there this year. A long drive down but well worth it. Day 1 was a wreck dive – new for us – on the Poulmic followed by a drift. Day 2 took us to two legendary wrecks, the Scylla and the James Eagan Layne. The third day was a scallop dive for dinner (regretably unproductive but nevertheless good fun) and a tour around the fort.

Plymouth is a great opportunity for divers who are new to the UK. The wrecks are beautiful and offer great training sites for those who would like to do speciality training. If you’d like to see “proper” wrecks that lie within 30m of depth then Plymouth is a definite option. You can drive in and park up for 40 minutes to load kit. There are two trolleys for kit and there is air available although they weren’t open when we went for the first day so worth calling ahead just in case. Free parking is back up the hill.

We use Plymouth Dive Boat Charter who offer accommodation alongside the diving. Steve is an experienced skipper and works well to ensure we have a great experience. The B&B is a great place; Sue makes the best breakfasts and the house is comfortable and it’s easy to relax after a day on the boat. If the diving is off due to weather it’s a full refund so no fussing about the accommodation. A taxi into town is £10 although there is a super Indian restaurant about 100m away.

It was a great weekend and so good we’ve already booked up for next year!

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