Discover Scuba!

70% of the world is underwater; there’s a host of adventures and wonders to see. Discover Scuba is the first step into that world. So what should you expect if you book a session with us?

It’s a two hour session. We start with a briefing that covers basic knowledge on the kit and how to use and then run through some of the skills we will be trying. We’ll explain how to equalise (and what it is!) and what will happen on your first dive.

Once in the water you’ll get a chance to try breathing with your face in the water and then start to descend. For some people this is completely natural; others have a little difficulty in getting used to breathing underwater so if you do then it’s completely normal. It’s important to let your instructor know if you feel uncomfortable.

You’ll have the chance to have a little swim and get comfortable and we’ll keep developing skills as we go along. This experience can be the first of your Open Water training dives so we will go through all skills securely and get you comfortable in the water.

From here on in it depends on how you feel in the water. Some start feeling their buoyancy straight away and others need a little time. There is no pattern! And no rush either. It’s important you feel comfortable and relaxed to get the most out of being under the water.

Diving is our passion; we love sharing that with others! If you have a go and decide you like it then you can continue to do the open water course. And then some of that 70% of the world that’s underwater is opened up to you….


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