NDAC, Chepstow

We’ve just spent a super weekend at Cheppie. It’s a great place to dive and to train. As both a club and a school we regularly have a run up the M4 to get wet in the great visibility that Chepstow offers.

NDAC is easy to find, not far from the motorway and has lots of parking. There are a few different attractions that have been developed over the last few years so non divers may like to take part in them! Segways, a 3G swing, the zipwire and a drive in cinema can make a weekend a bit more adventurous!

For diving there are lots of attractions which add interest to training dives and offer great opportunities for navigation, wreck and other training. I like using the BA146 for deep dives, for example as it provides a great platform for playing with eggs and water bottles.

The visibility is superb and a great intro to UK diving although the water temperature needs consideration. The thermoclines are pretty strong so plan that in! There is a minibus that takes divers up and down the hill and it’s a regular service with great drivers! Kit can be left (at owner’s risk) and we’ve never had an issue. We’ve even had helpful divers retrieve weightbelts that we’d left for an end of dive training activity.

The cafe is great value and offers decent food and hot drinks with a place to sit between dives. Membership is worth it if you visit a few times. The wigwams can provide accommodation for the weekend and it’s worth a search on groupon for offers in the local area.

Overall there’s enough here for all types of diving to keep the weekend busy and full. We love it here and it won’t be long before we’re back!



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