So What is UK Diving?

There are lots and lots of answers to this question… and too many to cover in one post. I’ve just come back from the Farne Islands and had three fantastic days with Billy Shiel. We had six dives in total and there were lots of interactions with seals but that wasn’t the only  interactions we had.

UK diving isn’t always about the big stuff and it’s not racing around to tick off the marine life in the guide book. For me it’s about bimbling along and keeping my eyes open, stopping to have a closer look and taking pleasure from the small things.

The seals were undoubtedly the massive attraction and we were not disappointed. They pulled at our fins, came up close to rub noses and played with us for ages. But the other joys were following the jelly fish and watching their beautiful movement. They pulsed their way through the sea and their bioluminescence was mesmerising. I happily followed several different jellyfish for ten minutes.

There were also baby crabs to follow; minute creatures smaller than a fingernail. Hovering and watching them as they go along their daily routine was fabulous. Larger crabs were wedged between rocks and stones, scuttling as we moved along. I missed the octopus that others saw, but there’s a next time.

There are larger attractions to see underwater in the UK. We have a wealth of wrecks. We may not have the obvious marine life of other locations and we may not on first appearance have the colours, but by taking a little time to enjoy, and keeping your eyes open can produce amazing dives. This weekend definitely ranks up at the top of all time dive experiences.


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