What do children get out of scuba?

There are a huge range of benefits for children in scuba diving. There are restrictions on divers. They can start in confined water aged 8 but the restrictions continue to ensure children are safe and can develop. There are lots of opportunities such as Bubblemaker and Seal Team but this post is a generic reflection on what the sport of scuba diving can do for children.

Exercise: diving is a great form of exercise. It uses calories and tones and has a yoga effect on the body. You burn a surprising amount of calories! It is one type of exercise that adds to a range of activities that a child may do.

Communication: under water you cannot speak to each other so we use hand signals. This communication develops as you dive with people regularly but there is a core language that we use. Diving improves communication in a different way and allows children to explore language without thinking!

Discipline: diving is a disciplined activity. It is fun but it means working in a buddy team and following instructions. This involves self discipline as well. Those around will provide a role model and will ensure that the right sort of attitude is distilled so children learn from their environment.

Science and Mathematics: I am a qualified and practising teacher and the knowledge that is gained and applied in diving is immeasurable. Physics plays a large part in diving but learning during the activity means children are learning without realising. Applying the concepts in the water leads to increased retention.

Social Skills: You mix with a wide range of people in diving. It’s a great leveller and there are all sorts of ages from all sorts of backgrounds. Because diving is the medium it takes away the barriers that may otherwise exist. I’ve had the most amazing diving experiences in groups ranging from aged 15 to aged 60 on the same dive. I’ve also had a 13 year old hold my hand as I’ve conquered a fear of heights by jumping off the top of a boat!

Awareness of the Environment and the World: diving takes place all over the world so others who are diving will have visited countries that are currently in the news and will have mixed with people from different cultures. In addition nearly all divers have an awareness and a passion for the underwater world. This includes marine life but also environmental issues such as use of plastic and the effects that humans have on our earth.

Family time: diving is a great activity for the whole family to do together. If you cannot or do not want to dive then a day or two on the boat can still be a really enjoyable experience. Snorkelling, swimming, sun bathing, curling up with a book… all of these can be enjoyed by non divers.

If you’d like to learn to dive, or join a club to get diving then an internet search should point you in the right direction. PADI has club listings too for affiliated clubs. If you’re local to us then we’ll be happy to help!



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