SEAL Team!

Children can start diving from the age of 8. There are different experiences they can have. A bubblemaker session is a one off scuba experience, a bubblemaker party is for a group of children to take part in different activities, and the SEAL team is a series of dive sessions to start and develop skills in the water.

If your child enrols on the SEAL team programme they will start with an introductory dive, being shown the equipment and getting to breath underwater. The pace is as slow as it needs to be. Generally children are very adaptable to diving and before the session is finished they will be under the water, moving with ease.

The sessions continue to develop buoyancy through different activities that are fun but require control underwater. The children will also learn skills that are part of the full diving programme. The pace of learning is adapted to the individual. There are a total of 20 Aquamissions that divers complete leading to a SEAL team award after the completion of 10, and Master SEAL team award after all 20.

The number of sessions is entirely dependent on how many sessions you would your child to do. Many young divers return monthly after they have completed their course. Sessions take place in Caterham on the Hill on the first Saturday of each month from 5pm to 7pm. The first session is £40; subsequent sessions are £30. Club members (£40 per year) attract a £10 discount on each session. We can run sessions at other times (minimum numbers apply); get in touch to let us know your requirements. You will need to complete a medical questionnaire for the students to take part in the activity and if there are any issues then there will need to be a signature from the doctor.


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