Nemes: Holborough Lakes

This is an inland dive site that is one of our favourite places to have a dip to wash off the winter dust, check kit or just have a get together. It’s set up well with divers running it and they’ve invested time and effort into getting bits and bobs around the lake for divers to get to. My favourite are the statues, but the plane with James Bond is a good spot too!

Visibility is generally good although around the platforms it can get a bit poor but it settles and there’s enough room to head out and keep away from the crowds. In terms of teaching there are platforms galore and the lake has different objects sunk to create a bit of interest on mini dives. Navigation is fairly straightforward due to lines laid out and exercises in practising navigation are very easy to set up.

The staff are welcoming and a cuppa is included for the dive site entry (currently £10). Air is an above average £5 a fill. The sausage, bacon and or egg rolls (veggie burgers available too) are welcome after an hour underwater and there’s all the needed bits and bobs in the shop if you’ve forgotten something or need a last minute replacement.

Parking can be difficult at the weekends but the staff direct people to park with buddies. There aren’t any changing rooms but the car is near to the kit up area which is right next to the entry point and there are trolleys available.

We have three sets of photographs on our facebook page, here, here and here!  Careful with the sat nav as you get close to the lake. They’ve helpfully created a video to show how to get there and you can find their website here.


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