Scuba Parties: The Snorkelling Bit!

We love Scuba parties! A group of children about to try diving for the first time? And then introducing them to diving… one of the best parts of the job! Many scuba parties have a group of children under the water with another group snorkelling and sometimes snorkelling gets a raw deal but it can be just as fun, if not more, than the diving! Here’s a couple of ideas and any more are welcome!

Egg and Spoon Just as it says… an egg and spoon race whilst snorkelling. It’s a bit of fun and injects energy into the session.

Relay Races A good one early in the session that needs no additional kit to get children moving in the water but giving them a breather at the same time

Treasure Hunt A few objects scattered around the pool that the children have to find. This requires surface dives so they will be applying their recently acquired knowledge of snorkel clearing. Putting objects at different parts of the pool means different depths and allows all children to participate even if they are not yet comfortable in the pool.

Hoops! Hoops are weighted down and the children have to snorkel through them. Again, placing them at different depths increases accessibility for all children.


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